Saturday, March 8, 2008

Videos for your amusement

I've been rummaging through you tube, watching some great middle distance races.
I think the more I watch, and the more I think about how fast a sub-4:00 mile is, the more I am amazed. My body doesnt even want to feel the pain of a mile that fast. If you want to be amazed, go to a track, run 200 meters in around 28 seconds, and then imagine trying to do that 8 times in a row. Or better yet, try to run 1 lap in under 56 seconds. good luck... in the words of Micah Strange to Wes Moulden ca. 1996, regarding the number 1,000,000... "You can't fathom that!"
1. Jim ryun vs snell and others 1965

2.800m final 1972 olympics

3.Steve prefontaine 1973 L.A. times mile

4. Steve cram crystal palace mile 1983

5. Sebastian Coe's leap into the world track scene

It's snowing in Fort Benning!

And I'm about to run 7 miles in Wartown with my friend Keeley. By the way, Fort Benning and its snow are actually south of here. I'll be back in about 71 minutes or so to give you the full scoop. I'm so fired up about this!

UPDATE: 1:10:09, and one of the best runs ever. 37F or so with wind chills in the 20s when we started. Their were intermittent patches of sunshine as well as moments of fairly heavy sleet. We both were reminded of running in Colorado, which is quite the notable event when you're actually running in central GA. I felt like an actual runner. Awesome feeling.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2 months down and 1/2 mile closer to a PR (sort of)

So we're into March, and I'm still running. I talked to Jackson this weekend via internet phone for a while, and he was kind enough to take some time to look at my proposed training schedule for the next 8 weeks. As you may recall, I'm preparing for the 12k leg of the 3rd Annual Lowe Family OKC Marathon Relay. I've run the same leg the other 2 times, and as silly as it may sound, I have learned some new things about the actual distance in just the past few days. The OKC Marathon Relay website has the mile equivalent of 12k listed as 7.6 miles. After using an actual metric conversion tool, I was able to confirm that what I have read on several other sites is correct. 12k is actually about 7.46 miles. But wait, there's more.

If you scroll to the bottom of the aforementioned OKC Marathon Relay website, you can see that the 3rd leg (the 12k leg, my leg) is actually "about 0.3 miles short" because they can't put the transition zone in the middle of an intersection. They then go on to list the total distance as 7.3 miles, which presumably, means the distance is actually about 7.16 miles.

I guess my point is this: I am now almost 0.5 miles closer to my goal of completing the leg in 59:50. I felt like it was pretty doable before, but now I feel pretty confident that I can pull it off. Just thought I would share the positive vibes. If that doesn't work, try out this video of what happens when you raise your children to favor Notre Dame.

Much love,